Some of the fastest, most adorable, and damn tough roller girls in the Rose City Rollers are in the junior league, the Rosebuds. The veteran skaters from the 12-18-year-old teams are beginning to graduate to the big girls league, which still leaves plenty of raw talent down in the juniors. And seriously, these gals are quicksilver. Tonight, sees two of the Rosebuds home teams face off: the Star Wars-lovin' Death Scar Derby Dolls knocking light sabers with the we-can-do-it gals of the Little Red Riveters. The game kicks off tonight at 8 pm, $14-20, at the Hangar.

Saturday night sees the Flashy McGamblesons the High Rollers vs. the pink-leopard-printed Guns N Rollers. This game is going to be off the hook, 'cause both teams look fabulous out there on the flat track. The dark horse ladies of GNR did a rock 'n' roll dance all over the graves of the Heartless Heathers in the January season opener. While the High Rollers beat last year's champs the Break Neck Betties. So two winners face off to see who's going to be the frontrunner in these early days of Season 7. The bout starts at 6 pm, $14-20, at the Hangar.

VIP, VERY IMPORTANT POSTSCRIPT! Whether or not you're going to the Oaks Park bout on Saturday, you would be remiss in your party-animal curriculum vitae if you didn't attend the afterparty. It's the Heartless Heathers' fundraising Anti-Valentine's Day Party. There's going to be a full bar, tasty food carts, dancing (so much dancing), a spanking booth, a wheel of misfortune (I think NASA uses one of these things on their astronauts), and a bazillion roller-skating derby girls on the party floor. It's at the Watershed (5040 SE Milwaukie), 9 pm-2 am, $5 (free with Saturday night's bout ticket).