Good Morning, News!


Just a point of clarification: the Republican sheriff's Mexican former lover is actually a man, scoring this even higher on the schadenfreude scale.
There's a "read English version" link near the bottom of the Big Mac article, Denis. The upshot is (I typed "upshit" there at first) that "a Big Mac, french fries and chicken nuggets taste amazing when cooked in a rice cooker."…
A beef heart would probably taste pretty amazing as well.
In other news, there are apparently some Giant Face Sculptures Outside an Osaka Hotel which Leave an Impression and Send a Friendly Message.…
Mmmm Asian food
And that's how you do a Harry Potter Theme Park. Are you listening, Orlando?
was Captain BeefHeart involved in any way shape or form in all off this?
Literal google translation:

Step 2: "and serving of rice on the Mac fries. We will continue to inhale water Mack fries, water will not have to worry about is OK to put Coca-Cola so later." - O.K...

Step 5: "Coca-Cola will help you put an appropriate amount. It is important to note here is that instead of putting a Coke Coca-Cola ZERO normal. Sweetness will become stronger and usually put the Coca-Cola."...Errrrmmm, no thanks.
Always love reading Good Morning, News. Unfortunately, i am too cheap to buy the Washington Post online edition. Could you rely on them a little less, or link to similar stories in other press?
"He posed no threat to the public"....aside from wanting to detonate an explosive device in a busy Government building?. After all, any sane rational person would do the same. Wait, no they wouldn't.
Big problem with this one: "A Republican sheriff/border hawk/congressional candidate is accused of trying to deport a former lover, who happens to be, um, Mexican, after the woman refused to keep quiet about their affair."

Wrong gender used in your write-up. It was actually a man from Mexico, which is why the story it is deliciously awesome.