In Portland last night, the Trial Blazers beat the Atlanta Hawks.

Also in bridge town, police are investigating a fatal shooting outside Grand Central Bowl in Southeast early this morning. One man is reported dead.

In Egypt the date has been set for the trial of 19 Americans. Egyptian Cabinet Minister Faiza Abu El-Naga has accused the Americans of financing the spread of chaos in his country following the fall of Hosni Mubarak.

In Syria—where the Arab spring continues to limp along in a winter of discontent—hundreds of protestors marched in Damascus yesterday in hopes of ousting President Bashar al-Assad. This despite scattered gun fire.

Elsewhere in the Arab world, Iran has decided to stop oil shipments to Britain and France following EU imposed sanctions on the country.

Speaking of the tenuous state of the world oil market.

The Obama administration is readying itself against Republican criticism about rising gas prices.

Remember Captain Crap, aka Francesco Schettino the man that ran the Costa Concordia aground killing at least 15 people? It turns out earlier reports about cocaine being found in his hair might have resulted from a mix up at the forensic lab. Lawyers for Schettino have demanded a full explanation for the mix up, hoping to clarify that their client was not high when he killed all those people.

In science news, the threat of space junk is finally being taken seriously.

And fear not Apple fans. Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer that makes iPhones, iPods, and iPads, has announced it will raise wages and cut back on overtime following reports about the miserable working conditions and multiple deaths at its factories. This follows Apple’s announcement that it is sending in an independent auditor to investigate Foxconn’s working conditions. Way to finally think different(ly), guys.

Scenes from Foxconn below.