John Cage Again


The Past Week's Blogtown Cage Coverage: A Statistical Overview

100 Years of John Cage at YU: 2 posts

Nic Cage being a pompous jackhole: 4 posts

German teenager stumbles onto footage of her mom in a cage with her dad dressed as Batman holding a sex toy: 1 post (GMN)
registered is on...and I hope so. so, omit the word dildo, emilio and also the darkbackwards. fast forward to flatliners, yeah oh yeah the plus the shriners...march of dimes and longtimers panel.Garden variety drunks, one more minute with umm. plastic bags of plasma for the handsome...really. shes' so into trivial realty maybe we'll be seeing her drinking, tea.
At least that explains the motive for the shooting at Grand Central Bowl last night.
The "Cage experience---electric boogaloo" should have just had a tattooed, naked skank holding a bible and dropping it over and over while miked and fed through a delay. The idiots would have eaten it up. So fucking edgy, such art; so, so fucking boring.
Yes but unfortunately your mother was in no condition to perform that night. She had already sold her bible and gone to her dealer's house to make a small buy.