It's time again for The Walking Dead Chitty Chat Club—a recap that celebrates THE STUPIDEST PEOPLE ON TV. Did you watch last night's ep? Then by all means weigh in on HOW STUPID THESE PEOPLE ARE in the comments, and hit the jump for my thoughts... ON HOW STUPID THESE PEOPLE ARE. Let's do this!

Okay, on three we do something REALLY STUPID. One... two....
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  • "Okay, on three we do something REALLY STUPID. One... two...."


Okay, so here's what I'm thinking...

1) A pretty freaking great opener with Lori—now officially the stupidest character, and that's saying a lot—sitting in her flipped car with a zombie chewing through the windshield. POOR WINDSHIELD!

2) Meanwhile back at the bar, dead Jersey Shore guys' friends (Live Jersey Shore Guys) show up, pinning down Rick, Farmer Vet, and Freezy McAsian. (Do you like my new nickname for him? Me neither. I'll keep working on it.) Rick's all like, "Hey! We killed your friends because we're nice. (BLAM!!) Boo-hoo-hoo! Why don't these people understand me??"

3) Rick sends Freezy out the back to get the car, because SHOOTERS NEVER WATCH THE BACK DOOR IN THESE SITUATIONS. Freezy freezes up (hence his nickname), and the Jersey Boys take off when zombies drop by to join the fun. When the youngest Jersey Boy falls off a roof and impales his leg on a fence (that's gonna leave a mark), Rick naturally says, "Hey, this stupid person seems stupid enough to join our group." They then get in a long morality discussion on whether on not it's best to saw his leg off and get eaten by zombies, or rip his leg off and escape. (Surprise! They choose the latter!)

4) Shane rescues Lori, but lies to her about Rick being back at the farm because he rightly knows she is stupid. She accuses him of killing Otis to save his own ass, while Shane confesses his love for her—even though she's as stupid as a bag of hammers.

5) Paleface Carl (Rick's kid) learns that Lori is pregnant and suggests naming the baby after Sophie. Stupid idea, Carl! Somebody get this kid another blood transfusion or something.

6) When Rick returns with the blindfolded Jersey Boy (funny hazing trick, guys!), Farmer Vet miraculously saves the young man's leg. (Oh, I guess ripping his leg off that fence was the best idea after all! DUHHHH!) And now everybody has to discuss whether or not Shane should kill him.

7) Rick and Lori strip in the tent (preparing to make another stupid baby, perhaps?), and she begins brainwashing Rick into murdering Shane. Her new nickname would be Lady McLori (as in Lady McBeth) but she's too stupid to get the reference.

8) All in all a great start to the episode, and the usual boring farm finish. Why they gotta go and ruin everything??? Fine. That's what I think... WHAT DID YOU THINK?

Kill Shane. Huh? Kill Shane. Huh? Kill Shane. Huh?
  • "Kill Shane." "Huh?" "Kill Shane." "Huh?" "Kill Shane." "Huh?"