Hat tips to Bobby for this story... The Washington Post style blog has published a review of Portlandia: The Tour (in which Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein perform a live show to drum up viewership for Portlandia), and ummm... it sounds like the critic didn't like it very much. Says the Post's Dan Zak:

Tuesday night the rotting kudzu of post-ironic self-aware pseudo-hipsterism wrapped its twee tendrils around the 9:30 Club, which hosted two sold-out shows of “Portlandia: The Tour,” the live version of the cutesy sketch comedy on IFC, and it was probably the worst thing ever.

Zak goes on to give Portlandia (the TV show) moderate props for occasionally nailing the hipster mindset, but then swings back around to label the live show "a scam" and "an ill-conceived, half-baked, rudderless, 80-minute chat about nothing."

The most insufferable episode consisted of Armisen and Brownstein narrating a slide show of photos they “found” on each other’s iPhones. The pickled egoism that they lampoon on television was presented as unspun matter-of-factness on stage, creating a self-referential, self-defeating artistic disconnect, an ouroboros in a wormhole.

OUCH. But if it makes Fred and Carrie feel any better, I've been called much worse. READ THE REST HERE!