See Something, Say Something. A new report says Britain's 51,000 police-run CCTV cameras haven't actually made the country safer.

"Crimes Against Humanity": That's the verdict on Syria from the UN.

Whoopsie! Obama formally apologizes for NATO forces burning a giant pile of Korans while cleaning up Bagram Air Force Base.

Iraq Rocked By Bombs: At least 55 people died in "frantic attempts" to attack security forces.

Sick of This Yet? Romney and Santorum tear into each other in a televised debate.

Stop the Radical, Pro-Abortion Groups! And by that, an Indiana legislator means the Girl Scouts.

Privacy Button: All the major web search companies are thinking of unveiling a privacy button, which you could click to browse online without being tracked.

Sexy Potter: JK Rowling announces she'll be writing a new book, this time for adults.

Okay, Actually Pretty Funny: Sacha Baron Cohen has been banned from the Oscars unless he promises not to dress like a dictator.

Washington Student Accidentally Shot: An 8-year-old Bremerton, Washington, girl is in critical condition after a gun in a classmate's backpack accidentally went off.

Mutant Trout!!! A two-headed trout is discovered outside a very polluted mine in Idaho.