DRIVE Hey girl. Is Albert Brooks botherin you? Here, let me talk to him.
  • DRIVE "Hey girl. Is Albert Brooks botherin' you? Here, let me talk to him for a second."

I haven't shut up about it since like September, sorry; I promise this is the last time I'm going to go on and on about Drive. But you should see it on the big screen, and considering it isn't on any theaters' schedules for tomorrow, that means your last chance to do so—in Portland, for at least a little while*—is tonight, at 9:45, at the Laurelhurst (2735 E Burnside, $4).

*HOWEVER. Keep in mind that the Northwest Film Center's Nicolas Winding Refn series is starting up in a while, and that'll feature Drive, along with the Pusher films, Valhalla Rising, Bronson, and even (gasp!) a Refn film I somehow haven't seen, Fear X. It's okay I haven't seen that last one, though, since "Fear X" was the name I used when I was a professional motocross racer. I don't mean to brag or anything, but the ladies seemed to dig it.