The Fallout 3 Premium Theme
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  • The Fallout 3 Premium Theme

If you've ever tried to change up the aesthetics on your Xbox 360 by dropping $3+ on one of the system's Premium Themes, you likely know what a huge gamble it is. Sure, the Xbox Live Marketplace is more than willing to take your money in exchange for a few shiny pictures and a new set of avatar images, but what if you want to see what you're buying beforehand? For the majority of the console's lifespan, that's been a pipe dream. You plunk down your money, download a few megabytes and pray to the god of microtransactions that your new Theme doesn't look dumb as hell.

Thanks to a relatively new site however, all that mystery and worry is gone. Appropriately dubbed, the site offers video tours of almost every Premium Theme on offer, with a library that grows daily. See, the site itself is more or less just a front for a group of dedicated forum goers who have made it their mission to examine and share footage of every new Premium Theme. If you visit the site's surprisingly thorough alphabetical content listing and don't find whatever Theme you're interested in, you can simply request that someone put together a video and within the week you'll have a free preview of the thing.

Honestly, it's such a stupid, simple concept that one wonders why Microsoft didn't include it in the console by default. Or if you're paranoid, it's a scheme to rob gamers blind. Either way, fixes all of that. Propers to the site's creators for that.