Recaps For the Mildly Interested: Grimm Goes to Fight Club


I enjoyed this episode, but why set up the obvious "Androcles and the Lion" schtick with Monroe pulling the nail from lizard guy's hand and then not follow through by having the dude refuse to fight? I'm guessing they changed the script to give Nick another fight scene.
<- (Is Joe)

I wondered about that, too. It seemed kind of tacked-on, especially since the guy with the nail in his hand didn't turn out to be a lion-dude. Honestly, had they all decided to be instant BFFs and not fight, I would have been a little disappointed. I like the idea of the creature world being dangerous, alien, and kind of fucked-up.

Also, the show's been teasing us with the weapons cabinet in the trailer for several episodes. It was nice to see someone finally whip out a morningstar and get all medieval with it.
There is a trolley, actually, but it's less a means of transportation as it is a touristy gimmick. It only runs one day a week.