First, an exceedingly rare display of public gratitude from yours truly: Thanks to the tons of people who came out to Hecklevision at the Hollywood Theatre on Saturday night. The Hollywood folks did a great job, we all watched Commando and it was magical, and the nearly sold-out crowd made quick work of the Alyssa Milano milanos—meaning that all was, however briefly, right in the world.

Second: Along with someone suggesting we should do Mannequin for the next Hecklevision—a suggestion I REJECTED TO THEIR FACE—a lot of people came up to me afterward with ideas for the next Hecklevision movie, from Starship Troopers to The Rock to a bunch of movies I had never heard of but that sounded really dumb. However! I had also been drinking beer, and had a bunch of sugar in my system from the aforementioned Alyssa Milano milanos (and like a pound of M&Ms), and I was on my way to go drink even more beer, so to be honest, once Power Station's beautiful Commando theme song started playing, I didn't pay much attention to what any of you were saying.

So, third: Comment below with your suggestions for what we should do for the next Hecklevision! Keep in mind a couple of things: The shorter the better (Commando, at about 90 minutes, is a good length for this sort of thing), the more heckle-able the better, and, just because something is easy to make fun of (i.e., The Artist) doesn't necessarily mean a lot of people will actually want to devote an evening to watching it (i.e., The Artist). The tricky thing is finding a movie that's both heckle-able and legitimately entertaining. That's the Hecklevision secret.

Fourth: Please know that I will probably ignore all of your suggestions and just show Point Break next time anyway. But don't let that stop you from suggesting stuff, 'cause the more Hecklevsion candidates we have to pull from, the better. Go.