Mayor Tries to Ease Tensions Before Today's F29 Protests


Small detail: Pretty sure that's I84, not I5.
yeah, I84, on the 12th ave overpass. I rode by it this morning. Dude standing guard over the banner was getting soaked.
"You said you wanted to help shut down corporations, and we helped to do that in our own way. "

Yes, because nothing, and I mean NOTHING, will strike deep at the black heart of capitalism and those scoundrels on Wall Street like smashing in some windows at the bank on SE 39th Ave. Well played, kids! You showed 'em!
Enjoy the rain, chumps.
@Dave J....they don't even have a clue what the fuck they are doing. It's on facebook , unsurprisingly. This is the new "cool" thing to do. Leave Starbucks alone kids! I have seen at least a couple of people at Occupy demonstrations with Starbucks there's irony for you
As much as you say these criminals who break windows are not part of the OccuFail movement, they are. Just like the Brown Shirts were to the Nazis, these Green Shirts are to the OccuFail movement.