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can't wait for driverless car terrorist fist jab hackers
I'm confused because Portland planners tell me that in the future no one will have a car. So really you mean "driverless bikes" right?
@Blabby - Well, if we call them "free range cars" instead of just "driverless," maybe they'll let us keep them?
I used to be hard for me to imagine a city plan that would be harder to navigate on foot than Las Vegas, and even more thoroughly choke out any kind of thriving street life. But this monstrous animated clip and clueless accompanying article point the way.
Why would anyone want a "train-like experience" in a car when they could just ride in an actual train, which would be far more efficient, safer, create far less sprawl, etc.? And why do these questions have to be raised over and over, only to be met once again with "Hey, wouldn't driverless cars be neat?"
I read that as "We have always been at war with Estacada." Makes more sense to me I guess.