This year's mayor's race has hardly been a polite affair. Yes, even as the candidates have largely kept things collegial, it's been open season for reporters and surrogates, who've indiscriminately (and unsurprisingly) taken to firing flaming arrows, raising legitimate beefs, and taking assorted cheap shots.

That dynamic changed last night at a forum on planning, when Charlie Hales took off the white gloves and not-so-subtly used one of his answers to take a shot at Eileen Brady's ties to New Seasons. The remark brought out boos from some in the crowd, before Brady calmly and coolly parried.

But the sore feelings (which actually began simmering a few days before, in a spat sparked when Brady's campaign changed the style of a recent event from a debate to a regular ol' forum) didn't stop when everyone went home. Hales and Brady adviser Jon Isaacs, along with Blue Oregon editor (and Brady supporter) Kari Chisholm, got into a brief Twitter fight.



Hales' side of the conversation has since been scrubbed. Luckily, we had a spy (not affiliated with any of the campaigns) who saved the thread for posterity. It's a punchiness that, I'd say, isn't entirely unwelcome as the race grinds on. Someone's eventually going to have win over more voters than "undecided."