• Car2Go

Earlier this month, I posted a rundown on the handful of car share programs headed our way. But! I failed to mention Car2Go, the smart car equivalent of Zipcar, that kicked off its promotional efforts across the city this week. Car2Go, scheduled to launch local service on March 31, offers one-way car rentals without a designated return time or location. Rumor has it that truckloads of these little blue and white cars have been coming into town this week, in preparation for citywide infiltration.

Financially speaking, it charges per minute (35 cents) rather than Zipcar's $10 hourly rate, making shorter trips (less than a half hour, at least) a bit more cost-effective. Car2Go's minimum hourly rate is $12.99. However, the start-up membership fee is $35, compared to Zipcar's $25, and it has no monthly fee option.

Also, there's the sustainable factor: Smart cars, especially Car2Go's Fortwo model, are known for their fuel efficiency and space saving tactics. And cuteness. Don't forget the cuteness. But, cuteness comes with a price. Unlike the diverse car options you can get from Zipcar and other car sharing programs, Car2Go only has one tiny option sans adequate passenger and trunk space. How will Car2Go measure up against it's larger competition? Stay tuned.