Yay! Another confession! (Confessions are moved to the top of the "I, Anonymous Blog Quote o' the Day" list. Actually, any post that is grammatically fathomable, not about bikes or shitty drivers, or more than three sentences long gets put up to the top of the list. Anyway....) This person is a jerk—AND KNOWS IT.

Last week I saw a Jehovah's Witness guy put his bag down and as he turned to lock up his bike I swooped in and nicked the bag. It had a bunch of reglious flyers and books and shit in it. But it also had a wrapped present inside. There was a card attached that said...

Find out what the card said (as mentioned earlier, this person is a JERK), and while you're shaking your head at the base immorality of this wicked, wicked world, leave your own confession or rant behind in the I, Anonymous Blog! Who knows? Maybe you'll feel better.