Okay, so heads up: Today's news is a bummer. But — it's news and it's important. I promise there's an adorable video at the end of it.

And it Goes On: Iraq is hit by a destructive wave of bombings, injuring over 200 and coinciding with the ninth anniversary of the US invading Iraq. Iraqi officials deem it the "deadliest day" in nearly a month.

This Calls for the Feds: The FBI kick off a criminal investigation on the slaying of unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

Silent in Solidarity: French schools across the country hold a moment of silence for the four Jewish students killed by a gunman. Meanwhile, French police dive into an all-out manhunt for the killer on the loose.

Oh! Okay Then: Karen Santorum is certain that her hubby Rick will "do nothing" on the issue of contraceptives if elected. "Women have nothing to fear," she tells CNN. Believable?

On That Note: Following in the footsteps of Texas and Virginia, Idaho Senate passes a bill mandating all pregnant women to have an ultrasound prior to getting an abortion.

Hateful, Hurtful: Portland police arrest a man accused of beating up a gay couple and destroying their car last week outside of the Silverado.

She's Still Out There!: The US government is cracking open the 75-year-old investigation on pilot Amelia Earhart's disappearance. There's hope yet.

Okay, you made it! Here's an adorable animated short comparing nonnative nutria to equally invasive humans (click HERE):