Hot Live Blog Action Tonight - Blazers vs. Bucks


OK, ROBERTS. So my (yes, my) Milwaukee Bucks have had some lean year...nay, decades of late, they were not without some relatively exciting moments AND players. The game 7 Eastern finals in 2000 feat. Glen "Big Dog" Robinson! The George Karl era! Yea, we had a George Karl era (with Anthony Mason and Gary Payton AND Ray Allen)! No team with a George Karl era could be THAT boring.

Let's rewind. Lew Alcindor. Championship. "Big" Bob Lanier. Marques Johnson. Junior Bridgeman. One of the most underrated players of all time-Sidney Moncrief. Brian Winters. Jack Sikma and his tight perm. Craig Hodges. Washed up Dave Cowens. OK, I'll stop.

Back to today. Brandon Jennings. Now Monta Ellis. And also.....yea, just those guys. BUT STILL, watch them light up the Blazers tonight.

Most boring of all time? Raptors of today. From the old guard? People forget The Clippers prior to the past few years were THE worst, most pointless franchise in sports. The Bullets, minus the Wes Unseld era, haven't had much memorable occur, either.