Tommy Habetz, the unassuming and genial legend behind Bunk Sandwiches and Bunk Bar, has announced a new Sunday supper club by the name of Junior Executive Lounge. A robust and intensely flavorful press dinner included: fresh ricotta and nettle pesto bruschetta, a garlicky dandelion greens salad with soppressata and fried clams, rigatoni with a deeply beefy bone marrow Bolognese, sauteed “kale raab,” and a tender lemon curd-slathered sweet biscuit. Generous applications of young red wine flowed from glazed pitchers as the communally-seated diners spooned seconds and thirds from the dark, earthenware crockery; Guided by Voices softly defined infamy in the cool, cavernous space. Mr. Habetz personally oversaw and narrated the convivial evening.

Twenty seats a week will be available online, presumably at, with a variable price point between twenty and thirty dollars, in early April. Menus will change weekly.