Holy crapola. About 9 million people tuned in to watch the season finale of The Walking Dead (check out my recap, which generated a few less viewers), and with good reason: the second half of season two of Dead was far better than the first half. How come? You can thank current showrunner Glen Mazzara who took over the show after Frank Darabont left in the middle of season two. The differences were immediately noticeable... and planned. From E! Online:

[Glen] summed up his stewardship of Dead in simple terms: “I had a clear-cut goal to put Rick first, to pay off stories that we had been telling, to make the world around them seem more threatening, and to get them off the farm and out into that threatening world.”

Right on, brother! Check out the rest of this very interesting interview with Glen Mazzara (with juicy info on season three), and if you aren't a fan of him already, you will be after this opening question.

I tried to keep track of how many zombies got killed in the season finale, but I quickly lost track. By your estimate, how many walkers did we just see get shot in the face?

Not enough.

Also awesome? The trailer for The Walking Dead videogame... after the jump.

Dont worry... theyll make more!