The long-awaited reopening of the Morrison Bridge may be in the near future—that is, if it stops raining.

The Morrison Bridge in its glory days

Last we heard, the bridge construction was at a standstill due to an environmental breach of contract by the contractor. But! Following a $3,000 penalty fine to the contractor in December, it looks like the job's almost done. 'Bout time.

According to the Oregonian, the only thing standing between now and the end of work is an easy paint job. However, painting lane lines across the bridge is impossible to conduct under these shitty weather conditions.

Mike Pullen, Multnomah County's transportation spokesman, says that once the lines are finished, all traffic lanes will be open to bus and car traffic. But then again, he adds that financial details may draw out the end date. Either way, we're looking at relatively dry Friday. Commence betting on when the bridge will actually be open for buisness.