One of the highlights of my last week was finding a place to buy avocado oil. I have only been able to find this at the incredible International Food Supply at SE 80th and Stark, and it costs just over $10 for this bottle o' culinary fun you see below.

Here's why International Food Supply is great:

1. They stock food from all over the world, some of which you won't see anywhere else and some of which you've never heard of, and their prices are relatively reasonable.
2. They carry avocado oil.

Here's why avocado oil is great:

1. It has the highest flash/smoke point of any other cooking oil—meaning it's pretty darn hard to burn food in this stuff.
2. It's a beautiful green color, like really good olive oil.
3. It's super healthy—good fat and all that— and tastes AMAZING.

You can fry with it, cook with it, dress salads with it... it probably makes a damn good moisturizer as well, but that might be going a bit far. Anyway, it's one of my favorite things. Spread the word.

oil of the gods

International Food Supply is at 8005 SE Stark.