Ashley Riewer, who spends most of her time as a hairstylist, decided to make 2012 a year of creative challenges. A longtime home sewer, she took things up a notch when she started taking classes at Portland Sewing, then a step even further with the self-appointed 52 Dresses Project, in which she, in true blog tradition, pledged to design, pattern, and sew a new dress every week for the entire year. (If that sounds like a concept that sewers all of the country must be similarly executing with visions of blog-to-book deals dancing before their eyes, Riewer says she tried to find others online, hoping for a little friendly competition. She found one, but they never made it past the first dress.) For a relative amateur with minimal formal training, the results are impressively polished—it helps that her husband's photographs of her modeling each look are of professional quality (Tyler Riewer is a content and community strategist at the Grady Britton ad agency), and that she's super cute. Yesterday afternoon I chatted with her about how the project's going (12 dresses down so far). Hop over to MOD for more deets and photos.

Dress #5 was inspired by a trip to Vegas.
  • Tyler Riewer
  • Dress #5 was inspired by a trip to Vegas.