This morning, the Portland Police Bureau released the names of the four officers involved in yesterday's shooting, and identified the suspect/victim as 31-year-old Jonah Aaron Potter. It turns out that a few of the officers have a history in officer-involved shootings.

Officer Larry Wingfield was one of the two officers who shot and killed a knife-wielding homeless man last January. After the incident, Wingfield made it clear that he wasn't entirely comfortable with what went down, saying that he and fellow Officer Lile should have given the man more space. "If I look back on anything I would do differently, I wouldn't let him get this close. He was an older man. He was a veteran. You know, we just didn't want to shoot him," he said.

One of the officers in involved in yesterday's incident, Tracy Chamberlin, is one of the lead trainers for the PPB. Another, Officer Richard Storm, helped rescue Officer Parik G. Singh after he was shot in the abdomen by a suicidal man last March. Officer Dennis Wilcox, the fourth officer who shot at the suspected robber yesterday, is the only one with a relatively blank slate.

As per PPB protocol, the four officers are on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues.