Scanning through the calendars today, I happened upon this listing on the Rose Garden page:

If I was a member of Big Time Rush, Im not sure what Id think of this affiliation
  • If I was a member of Big Time Rush, I'm not sure what I'd think of this affiliation

That's a lot of money to listen to a lot of mediocre music from a generally shitty human being. But then again - the entertainment industry has no shortage of crappy people creating eminently salable art for consumption by millions. Portland also has a couple thousand people who, at any given moment, with the merest of notice, can and will protest anything. So the stage is set for something that could be pretty interesting, should these elements coalesce correctly.

Or it'll just be an average day at the Rose Quarter, and tens of thousands of people who have no problem financially supporting a man who beats women will get their couple hours of entertainment and go home satisfied.

If you're one of those people - tickets go on sale sometime today.