For those of you who regard every win with chagrin since the Trade Deadline Implosion, chin up: The Oklahoma City Thunder are rolling into town after whipping the Miami Heat's ass so hard that Dwayne Wade couldn't even talk about it.


Of course, for the hopeful amongst you, this game represents an opportunity to show the rest of the league that there's still a lot of fight left in these Blazers, fight you would have seen if you'd watched the game against the Warriors on Sunday. Just so long as you didn't pay attention to the game against the Lakers before that. Or maybe you watched the Warriors game with cataracts and thought it was a Lakers game.

Be. Excited. B-E. Excited.
  • Be. Excited. B-E. Excited.

Either way - you should be watching. Watching Coach Canales do his thing on the sidelines is pretty entertaining. Watching Jamal Crawford deadpan to the crowd after a ridiculous shot attempt is pretty entertaining. Watching Joel Przybilla's face contort into a dead-eyed, angry sneer every time a whistle is blown is pretty entertaining. But really - If you get a chance to watch Kevin Durant, you take that chance.