Passengers, Prepare for Takedown: A JetBlue pilot was locked out of the cockpit due to erratic, loony antics yesterday. Thanks to concerned (and scared for their lives) passengers, he was restrained until the copilot made an emergency landing.

Unnecessary: al-Jazeera receives video of the Toulouse school shootings but decides not to air it due to its graphic nature, as it would break the news outlet's ethics standards.

Who Needs 'em? Newt Gingrich cuts a third of his campaign staff, but hopes for the best.

Meanwhile, in Money Town: The renovation plans for Mitt Romney's California beach house reveal a car elevator and a 3,600-square foot basement. Oh, and a private lobbyist to push the plans forward.

About Face: The man who received the first face transplant in the US is recovering swimmingly, catching the US Navy's eye.

Runway Rubbers: Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi creates trendy condoms for Planned Parenthood.

Bottle Your Own Water: Oregon activists band together to take down a planned Nestle bottling plant in the Columbia Gorge.

Streakers, Take Note: Michelle Obama will be delivering this year's commencement speech at Oregon State University—one of the three national universities she'll be speaking at this June. Fancy!

Now, for Some Occupeeps: "Occupeep D.C." is the winner of the Washington Post's peep diorama contest. Check out the runners-up here.