The Last Two Months, Measured in Drugs


I'll sleep safe knowing all that marijuana is off the streets. Good thing there's not too much crack out there, I'm sure the PPB are on top of that.
I'm so relieved to know that my tax dollars are going to the invaluable effort to keep those potheads and their reefer madness off the streets. The horror!
What are those strange cylinders? Confiscated rocket engines?
This is good news for the Mexican cartels. Seizures such as these keep the price up by increasing the risk of delivery and artificially limiting supply. It also encourages cartels and people in the supply line to murder people and use violence to control access to these supply lines that groups like the PPB have made more lucrative.

Can we get a slow clap for the PPB?
And yet every year it gets easier to buy drugs. It's cute that those pigs think that they did something, though. Go back to killing unarmed people, you've already lost this war.
Phew! Fortunately, there are no psychedelics, ecstasy, or illegal pharmaceuticals in Portland. Good job ppd!
@losers - You do realize that the police don't make the law, right? Right, loser?

True, they don't make the laws and just enforce them. But it is well documented that Police Unions, etc. have been against drug legalization in this country and don't want the laws changed:…
They don't make the laws but they have considerable control over priorities of enforcement. That's why some cities like Oakland have passed reforms that require cops to make adult marijuana use/possession their lowest priority.
Even if something is technically illegal, it doesn't mean that the police need to actually do anything about it; there are quite a few laws on the books that the police will not enforce in practice.
Cannabis should be legalized, taxed, and regulated, but barring that there's much to be said for decriminalization reforms.
@geyser - Your example proved my point, not yours. The Oakland police didn't just decide to make marijuana a low priority all by themselves. The whole city passed a ballot measure.…)
The slow clap is no joke, just try finding slow penicillin!
Reymont always goes a little retarded over drug posts.
I agree with Reymont and further more: the reason Marijuana numbers are so high is because it is so common and people are very stupid/careless about growing/transporting it.But relax pot heads er....bloggers, it will still be out there. Given the amount of coked hipsters I see on a weekly basis I am surprised at how low that amount is, but there you are. Who knows what criteria the police really adhere to.
That sounds just like the list
WM.™ STEVEN HUMPHREY wanted for the green room at the last Mercury party.