This is not the highest-quality video in the world, but might I recommend listening while finishing up your last-minute Friday drudgery. Start at the 8:15 mark if you want the most funny for the shortest amount of time.

I did a little pre-func-ing last night for the upcoming Bridgetown Comedy Fest at Action/Adventure, who was playing host along with Action Comics to the Super Mega Ultra Virgins of Comedy Tour. It was criminally under-attended with three very funny comedians from Seattle (Travis Vogt, Derek Sheen, and my favorite of the Seattelites, Mike Drucker), but the small crowd was super into the nerdly comedy, laughing hard as the stand-ups riffed on the haunting train whistles going by the SE industrial space. But it was Mike Drucker in particular who killed it with his self-deprecating set about porn, videogames, and vampire fan-fiction. Now I'm super stoked to see both his shows at the Eagles Lodge (god, I love the Eagles Lodge) during Bridgetown. In fact all the comedians at the show last night (except for Sheen) will be performing at Bridgetown next weekend: Whitney Streed, Anthony Lopez, Shane Torres, Travis Vogt, and Mike Drucker.