• photo: James Bryans
  • Gotye

Another week, another Mercury music section to glance over as you learn about what makes the makers of Theraflu mad. Turns out, it's the same thing that makes PETA mad.

Gotye is huge. The Belgian-Australian producer/musician had the biggest song on 94.7 since Coldplay's "Yellow." Now if only anyone knew how to pronounce his name.

Gotye - "I Feel Better"

The Barr Brothers are brought to you by the same dudes in the Slip. And they're terrific.

The Barr Brothers - "Beggar in the Morning"

Ceremony used to make hardcore. Now they don't. They don't really make post-hardcore, either, though. What Ceremony makes can't really be called anything other than Ceremony.

Ceremony - "Hysteria"

When Chairlift records their music, they call it "doing science." Ah, I have been thinking doing science was something totally different! Good to know.

Chairlift - "Amanaemonesia"

And the expected heap of Up and Coming shows.