I always thought Luis Scola looked like what would happen if Russell Brand found himself in Toontown and decided to blow into his thumb until he overinflated.

He's being coached by this guy:


Kevin McHale typically has that look on his face, even when he's winning, because he is constantly suffering indignities. When he played on the Celtics back in the 80s, he had to suffer Larry Bird's shitty attitude towards him. Now he's the coach of a playoff-bound team, and he has to suffer the fact that if anyone wants to look him up on the internet, they have to scroll through a million listings for this dude:


That's right, the kid who plays Wheelchair Charlie or whatever his fuckin name is on Glee is ALSO named Kevin McHale. Meaning if the melting John Kerry wax-sculpture on the Houston Rockets bench doesn't get that team deep into the playoffs, he may never be remembered ever again. For anything. It'll all be THAT kid.

Maybe tonight, the Blazers could make FrankenKevin look a little more glummy by threatening Houston's playoff hopes, while bolstering their own (which, by the way, are still - SOMEHOW - alive. Barely.)

7pm tonight: Hot Live Blog Action ensues. Get some.