While everyone was distracted with Rick Santorum, Gawker put up a post yesterday from a mole inside Fox News. I recommend you read it, because it's entertaining and interesting and it could be the start of some really fun stuff. But the thing we're paying attention to right now is the video at the top of the post, which consists of some pre-interview video of Mitt Romney making small talk with Sean Hannity. Romney is actually quite human during this video—he talks about his wife with an undeniable warmth in his voice, he discusses the horses he owns, it's all very friendly and un-robotic. But there this six-second span, where Romney mocks a pink tie in a faux-"gay" voice:

"Oh, I'll take the pink one," Romney says, and then laughs like a bro in a locker room. It's an old-fashioned gay panic, a kind of "that's what I'd say if I was gay, but I'm not gay, you betcha, no way." That's how you destroy two-and-a-half minutes of the warmest video of your candidate in existence. Mitt Romney was never going to win the gay vote, but the fact that he sits around in unguarded moments pretending he's too straight for pink isn't going to help him with the moderate swing state female vote he needs to pick up.