I've got a pair of hot little VIP tickets in my hand for Saturday's Rose City Rollers bout at the Memorial Coliseum. Would you like them? They come with drink tickets.

It's going to be amazeballs! This is the first game this year for the all-star roller derby gals of our Wheels of Justice. The last time we saw our purple-clad roller warriors they were high off hosting regionals at the Memorial Coliseum and winning themselves a trip to Championships in Denver. Their first trip to the big-girls' tourney ever. But a heart-breaking 8-point loss to Kansas City in their first game took them out of the running. But a lot has changed since that November 2011 game—the team looks entirely different with tons of retirements, new recruits to the all-star team, and new captains. And Saturday's game is the first chance to see what our Pegacorns have got! (That's the Wheels of Justice's mascot, best mascot evah!) It's going to be a pretty awesome bout too—against the north region's no. 1-ranked team, the Windy City Rollers out of Chicago.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I already know and love the Wheels of Justice, how do I win those VIP tickets?" 'Tis easy, gentle roller derby fan. In the comments, tell me why and how much you want them. Bonus points for use of (1) pegacorns, (2) roller derby love and/or curiosity, and (3) purple prose. I'll pick a winner on Friday at 11 am.

Rose City Rollers vs. Chicago's Windy City Rollers (and 30-minute Debutante Brawl), Memorial Coliseum, Saturday, April 14, 5:45 pm