Glenn Beck's Blog Bashes PSU Courses


The Chiron Studies program currently has a class on anarchism. I think that qualifies as "limited government: theory and practice." Beck should know that the point of the program is to give students exposure to things that they don't experience in their everyday lives...
Hey guys, you should pay better attention to your local blogs. We broke this, douchebags:
Good ol' Portland State.
"The author asks: "Would Portland State University allow a 'Limited Government: Theory and Practice' course where students were forced to make a 'connection' with Tea Partiers and the NRA?" The art class is really just that: a course on modern art based off of recent activism pieces and products."

Recent activism? Can't wait for that PSU course on "The Tea Party movement, and their plight to restore Constitutional integrity, limited government, personal responsibility, fiscal responsibility, and free market enterprise." Indeed, let me know when there is a course about such "recent activism", accurately presented by an unbiased Professor. Oh wait...we're talking PSU, where both sides of an argument are not the standard.
The quotation mark closing the word "Activism" should be inside the period.

"Student", in the fourth line, should be plural.

"Layout" is a noun, but you used it as a verb.

"Comment stream" is singular, which means that you misconjugated the verb that followed it.

"Fist shaking" should be hyphenated.

The Mercury clearly looks to hire writers that didn't spend much of their college time in writing classes! But why spend your time in silly classes like that when you could be in a class with and taught by your fellow morons?!
The student fee committee at Portland State should suspend Chiron funding.
@2 - hahaha, your blog sucks, the analysis seems spoon fed by Fox News, and you dipshits just point to fellow citizens as “enemies” instead of offering solutions to real problems - this is why no one reads it, or pays attention: it's an echo chamber. Try something new, like suicide.
@4 - So go teach one, you ignorant POS. That's the point of Chiron Studies - any student can suggest a course.
Oh good, I'm glad the Moran Brigade has made it over here to set us straight about what all those commies in their high-fellatin' colleges are planning.
For what it is worth, I took a seminar class on the far right in the US at PSU about a decade ok. We didn't connect with the Tea Party, but the professor did suggest we spend time observing and listening to the christian fundamentalist dude who orated from the stump in the park blocks, and he was kind of a precursor to the Tea Party... So I guess it is about fucking time PSU gave equal time to lefty wackos.