Mad Men: Signal 30


I'm not griping or making petty complaints; I'm fully enjoying the downward slide. I thought the first episode was a little off, then realized when they pulled a Fat Apollo where things were headed. Now I just watch it for pure mock value.
Dude... Peggy totally ratted Ken out! When it comes to writing Sci-Fi on the side, Pete and Don couldn't give a rat's ass—but there's no way in hell Peggy's gonna let Ken have any success. PEGGY!!!

Also, I loved Lane & Pete's respective boxing styles: Lane's gentlemanly Cambridge style stance vs. Pete's weak-ass attempt at Cassius Clay. KEEP YER LEFT UP, PETE, YOU IDIOT!!
Jacob, no mention of how Don got mad props (and a free drink) from the Madam for having grown up in a 'whore house'? And what about Don's (so far successful) quest to stop sleeping around since marrying Megan?
@bikefor1. I was a little confounded by Don's claim that he grew up in a whorehouse, but it seemed like just the sort of vague, superior thing he would say.

What was Roger's line? "Even in here you're doing better than us."

I still think something bad is coming for Don. I'm rooting for him to change, but there would hardly be a show if he didn't fuck up somehow.
I agree with Steve: PEGGY!!! Look at that pout face!
The "he speaks British" quip is almost certainly a cute jab at Robert Morse, who couldn't maintain an English accent on set for his role in The Loved One and had to be dubbed in.

Parts of this episode almost matched the splendor of Don carelessly foot-scooting Madchen Amick's corpse under his bed. I love the direction this season is heading, personally.
@Jacob Why were you confounded? It's well established his mother was a whore.
Don seems to be on his way to some kind of nebulously-defined enlightenment. He's unburdened himself of a loveless marriage, taken up swimming, and is now actually exercising discipline where there was once only hedonism. I keep waiting for him to fuck it all up, but I think that would be cheap at this point. A story about a man who actually pulls himself out of careless decadence while surrounded by a changing world might actually be more interesting than just a cavalcade of failure.
@Andy His mother died in childbirth! Did he grow up going to the whorehouse to hang out?

@RRRP I agree with you.
It's cute reading all the haters on the internet trying so hard to claim this season isn't good.
@Jacob @Andy: I was hung up on that for a moment too, but Archie Whitman surely frequented the local brothel, and likely brought his son along for the ride on many an occasion. Sure, regular visits may not quite constitute growing up in such a place, but add in our protagonist's lingering shame over his origins and it's understandable that Don would perceive himself as being (uncomfortably) at home, and even identify himself as such in the presence of the madame whom he'll likely never see again.