Before we get to today's bit of tantalizing advertising, you may be wondering "Why isn't Erik Henriksen posting about this?" Good question! Erik is the Senior Editor, film is his purview; if there are going to be blogs about two of the most highly anticipated movies of the summer, it seems logical (you just mentally pictured Spock right now) that Mr. Henriksen would be writing them. Well, Mr. Henriksen is the senior editor, and the film editor, yes, but he's also a giant wuss-puss.

Let me rephrase.

Mr. Henriksen is a person who believes there can be too much of a good thing, that there are certain acceptable levels of saturation when it comes to marketing, and that those levels can be easily drowned, even if the deluge of trailers/ads/clips/memes are all well made and entertaining on their own. And so, being that he (and every other right thinking person I know) is highly anticipating both The Avengers and Prometheus, he has decided the first trailers to each are good enough, and will witness no more marketing from either, preserving the maximum level of surprise and awe he will glean from each movie upon first viewing.


I'm a gluttonous dumbshit.

I will suck up every last frame of sweet, sweet visual candy the marketing departments at Fox and Marvel want to hand me. I will load up my eyes with imagery, consume it voraciously, and swat the replay button like a hungry bear trying to get a fishbiscuit on LOST.

I'm not necessarily saying I disagree with Mr. Henriksen's views. There are things I've seen in both the Prometheus and Avengers ad campaigns that probably would have made me utter a low, breathy "holy SHIT" in the theater upon first viewing, but now will elicit no such reaction (which, I'm sure, the patrons near me greatly appreciate, unless they're mouthbreathing heathens snacking on the half-devoured Safeway rotisserie chicken they snuck into the theater with them, in which case fuck them.) What I'm saying is that I have all the willpower and patience of Veruca Salt when it comes to anything regarding these two films, and I have all the intelligence and grace of Augustus Gloop when they are presented to me.

In short, I have learned NOTHING from the Phantom Menace.

Maybe you're more like Erik, in which case: C'est la vie, good friends, and godspeed to you. But if you're like me, you'll want to see this ad (in the style of the Peter Weyland TED talk) of Michael Fassbender as David, an android from Weyland Corporation.

And then you'll want to chase it with this clip of Iron Man and Thor having a bit of a disagreement, which they choose to resolve (ish) in the measured, considerate way most superheroes handle disagreements.

The Avengers opens May 4th. Prometheus opens June 8th.