Let's assume you're a fan of Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo series, but just don't have the patience to wait for the May 15 release of Diablo III. Now that I type it all out that's a pretty likely scenario, so it's probably a good thing that as of an hour or so ago, the company has opened up the Diablo III beta to anyone with an internet connection, a (free) Battle.net account and either a Mac or Windows computer capable of running the title.

Excited? You should be. I've been playing the beta for a few months now and it's awesome. The company has tweaked a few things and made some interesting additions to the series, but I can say with total honesty that if you loved Diablo II, you will also love Diablo III.

So how do you get in? Simple. Head over to Battle.net, sign in (or register a new account), then download the client from Blizzard's servers. Though the company's hardware is likely taking a pounding from the massive crush of people trying to get into the beta, their client downloader is bit torrent-based, so the multi-gigabyte client download shouldn't take too long.

Once complete, you have until the stroke of midnight on Sunday to explore Blizzard's latest massive hit. Hope you didn't have any other plans this weekend.