Nixon "hatchet man" dies. Tricky Dicky aide and Watergate accomplice Charles Colson died yesterday at age 80.

Speaking of corruption...

Wal-Mart scandal! According to the New York Times, the world's largest retailer has some corruption issues in Mexico. Why corruption in Mexico is news, however remains a mystery.

Pussy punks and the power of prayer. Thousands of Russians prayed outside Moscow's Orthodox Church today to protest the feminist puck rock group Pussy Riot. In February, the band protested the church's close ties to the Kremlin. The church’s faithful legions remain unbothered by the connection. So being promised eternal salvation really is a good motivator? Huh?

Technology transfer. Iran reports it has reverse-engineered the US spy drone it captured last year. Iranian officials also claim to have extracted data from the craft’s past missions. Unlike teenage boys, apparently the US government hasn’t learned to erase its viewing history.

North Korean missile components came from China. Or this is the suspicion of the Obama administration.

Burry my heart at FDR Drive. The United Nations has opened a human rights inquiry into the living conditions of American's 2.7 million Native Americans. But don’t worry I’m sure the world’s richest nation has been taking care of its most vulnerable citizens.

Things could be worse for the Secret Service. This morning, Sen. Susan Collins reported there was no evidence the Colombian prostitutes hired by the agency were underage. Phew, that’s a relief.

In Portland News...

The Timbers break their losing streak. Last night, Portland beat Kansas City 1 to 0.

And because it’s Earth Day...

New England fishermen are mad at Whole Foods. The health-food juggernaut is now buying only sustainably caught fish, and not all fishermen are pleased. Apparently doing what's good for the environment (and future generations) isn't the sure-fire way to reap short-term profits. Who knew?

And speaking of Earth Day, here’s a clip from the very first: