According to a press release sent at 9:37 am this morning, Powell's is introducing their new print-on-demand Espresso Book Machine today from 9:30-10:30 am. So uh... I missed that, but now you know. The machine promises to print a book "in the time it takes to brew your coffee," hence the name; it's located at the top of the stairs to the Purple Room. The machine provides access to more than 8 million titles, as well as giving aspiring authors the means to format and design their own self-published titles—it'll be interesting to see if these books start cropping up in local shops.

As I wrote back in January:

The "business transaction costs are confidential," a Powell's spokesperson told me when I asked how much they spent on the machine, while the prices of the books themselves will "vary on size and production costs but would generally average between $15-25."