SORT OF FUN FACT: While Bobby Roberts is known as one of the co-hosts of the cortandfatboy podcast and Blogtown's Blazers blogger, he also puts in hours every day here at the Mercury offices. As far as I can tell, his job consists of sitting five feet away from me and iChatting me his infuriatingly wrong opinions. This morning he was going on and on about how Captain America: The First Avenger is the greatest movie ever made. Another sort of fun fact is that sometimes I set my iChat status to "invisible."

ALSO, SPICY NEWS: We wrote about it before. ("So dumb it's actually kind of funny," raved Temple Lentz.) On Spicy News, comedians eat a pepper and then read jokes about the news while in extraordinary pain. Bobby did it, and here is his episode, which I enjoyed watching, because it is Bobby suffering, and Captain America really wasn't that great.