Zapruder frame of the invention of the malted milkshake.
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  • Zapruder frame of the invention of the malted milkshake.

A fellow wrote in asking if I could recommend a place to get a good, old-fashioned malted milkshake now that the weather demands it. I could not, so I abused my Facebook account and “crowd-sourced” a few recommendations. Here are the results.

Salt & Straw, NE Alberta and 20th
Fairley’s Pharmacy, corner of NE Fremont and Sandy
Mike’s Drive-In, Sellwood and other locations
Hollywood Burger Bar, NE Sandy and 42nd
Skyline Burgers (the one that’s on Skyline—and, apparently, not the Internet)
Tonalli’s, NE Alberta and 27th (so old school, no web presence)
Fizz, SE 34th and Belmont
Blue Plate, SW Washington and 3rd
Jim Dandy, NE Sandy and 96th

FAST FACT: Malted barley came to the dairy industry in 1873, via London pharmacist James Horlick. Horlick had determined that a strict diet of cholera created “Brazil digestion and catarrh” in the nation’s newborns, and sought his fortune in the miracles of sprouted grain. He died penniless and insane in Baltimore in 2005.

(Note: "Mercury Fast Facts by Chris Onstad" are strictly for his own amusement.)