Hanging at the old jinnie (n. gin joint).
  • Hanging at the old jinnie (n. gin joint).

Continuing my Blogtown series, where I peruse my favorite book in the world, the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Volume II, H-O by J.E. Lighter.

This week's slang is brought to you by the letter "J."

jack bumps n. pl. acne supposedly caused by masturbation.—usually considered vulgar.
1967: "Cuts, bites, and abrasions, some infected, some healed or healing, gave him a look, he thought, of some senile teenager with jack bumps."

jill off v. [modeled on jack off, v.] (of a woman) to masturbate.
1989 Playboy: "The most imaginative safe-sex invention we can across was undoubtedly the World's First Jack-and-Jill-Off Party held, of course, in San Francisco in November 1987.

jimjams n. pl. 1. delirium tremens; (also) an alcoholic hangover; a strong craving for alcohol.
1891: "After awhile he got the jim-jams.... Used to sit over there in the corner and play with the little white elephants he'd see running up his pants leg."

Johnson rod n. Jocular. an imaginary rod blamed for the malfunctioning of an engine, as in a motor vehicle.
1951: "Hot rodders sometimes yell, 'Your Johnson rod's draggin'!' to a party of girls or others who look gullible."