Hey! You like Ethos, that great non-profit that provided music education to low-income kids, right? Well, here's a great way to make sure they keep on doing what they're doing: Sponsor the Portland Mercury team (AKA Team Mercuroke!) or myself in next week's Ethos-a-roke Challenge!

Teams from all over the city are battling to see who can raise the most dough for Ethos, culminating in big karaoke sing-off next Thursday May 17 at Voice Box! Obviously you can give money to whomever you want—it all goes to Ethos. HOWEVER! I would be especially pleased and grateful if you sponsored either myself or the Mercuroke team! Every little bit helps, and it's OH! So easy.

To sponsor me, check out my Ethos-a-roke profile page here!
If you hate me, but like other people at the Mercury, sponsor Team Mercuroke here!

$5, $10, $20, $50... whatever you can spare would be awesome and much appreciated by Ethos and the kids they serve. For more info on this event, check this out, and thanks so much for considering it!!

TEAM MERCUROKE!!! (Thats me, center.)
  • TEAM MERCUROKE!!! (That's me, center.)