I am having a difficult time writing this recap today. It’s all clouded by a possibly-but-not-necessarily sad announcement that NBC has ordered just 13 more episodes of 30 Rock, and that next year will be its last, and that they have only ordered 13 more episodes of Community, and its future is unclear. I thought Parks and Rec was in the same boat, but now it sounds like they got a full season order. I think it is okay for 30 Rock to wrap up. They’ve had a good, long run, and with all the balls they’ve got in the air now, they could do some really fun things with 13 episodes to tie things up. I very much hope that Community and Parks and Rec can hang on a little longer.

Anyways. Your stories:


Was this a Lost thing? I didn’t totally follow. It always bugs me when people are too cool to watch something because of all the buzz (like a lot of you about Community) but that is how I was with Lost. Same goes for Inception. So if there was some meta-metaness happening, I missed it. Anybody care to enlighten me on the bonus layers of awesome?

This probably makes sense to someone.
  • This probably makes sense to someone.


Even missing whatever inside jokes I might have missed, it is still a solid episode. Two months have passed since the study group’s expulsion and Abed has fallen deeper than ever into his fantasy world. (Or has he?) Because he is constantly claiming that it was not the real Dean who expelled them, he’s sent to a psychiatrist who tries telling the study group they’ve all imagined the whole thing. This leads to brief flashbacks to classes we’d never heard about (Advanced Breath Holding, and Can I Fry That?), and backstories never shared (see above). They also remember lots of things we DID see, like paintball and clip shows and bottle episodes, and, Jesus Christ, this show really is impossible and begging to be canceled, isn’t it?

Next week is the finale. Gear up! Watch your hulus so we can all talk about it!!

30 Rock

Avery is back from North Korea and her relationship with Jack resumes with some hiccups, Liz struggles because she makes more money than her boyfriend, and Jenna gets her crazy Southern hick groove back. Is it just me, or has the show run out of things for Tracy to do? Get some more ensemble in your ensemble show!

I think I only feel underwhelmed by this episode because the last two have been so monumentally hilarious. This finale is next week, too. Is…something…you know what, I can’t think of any looming questions for 30 Rock plots. Let’s try this: is it gonna be zany?!?! WATCH AND SEE! (My prediction: yes, it will be.)

The Office

I don’t want to say I want it to be canceled, but it’s just crazy that newer, better shows have to go first. This show has done what it can.

Parks and Recreation

Here we are, the season finale, and the election we’ve been waiting for all season!! It was brilliantly done, wasn’t it? This show has more goddamn heart than anything else on television. Community has heart, too, but it’s a snob, so it can only really love other snobs. P&R is sincere and open, and for that reason, waiting for the election results while Leslie goes crazy made for a tense and emotional 22 minutes of television.

Hot damn, Leslie won the city council race!! Suck it, Bobby Newport!! I never had a good guess about whether the writers would have her win or lose, but when it appeared she had lost, I felt pretty horrible. And then after the recount and she WINS, I was extremely “YAY!!!” Good call, P&R writers!

And double good call for giving Ben the DC job. I am glad for a number of reasons. For one, he wouldn’t have anything else to do in Pawnee with the election over and having exhausted municipal work; two, it seems pretty clear is cares about his career so he couldn’t stay a house husband to Leslie; and three, this makes way for an interesting dynamic next year, where Ben is a less central character and Leslie is sad about it. Maybe then she’ll hang out with Ann more? Rashida Jones doesn’t ever get enough to do on this show. But wait, I don’t want Ben to be a less central character because I love him very much. Still — change is good!

April & Andy’s B story with the files being deleted is pretty pointless except that it makes way for Andy deciding to become a cop. Don’t you think it’s weird April would encourage that? She seems too cool for cops. Whatever, if Andy is in Burt Macklin mode from here on out, I’m way cool with it.

Biggest laugh on the episode:

Brown alcohol: a cornerstone in the Pyramid of Greatness.
  • Brown alcohol: a cornerstone in the Pyramid of Greatness.

Also Ron tattling on Jerry for forgetting to vote. And Bobby Newport’s victory speech: “Honestly, I’ve never been more relieved in my entire life.” And, hey there, Jean-Ralphio! I JUST LOVED THIS A LOT, OKAY? A fantastic season, and a perfect finale. Anybody care to offer any alternate opinions? I’m gonna go ahead and reject any other (i.e. wrong) opinions now, in advance, but you can still put them in the comments if you want.