Reed College Students: Good at Huffing Bongs... Not So Good at Spelling


I was backstage watching this on a monitor when it happened. I was joking with a co-worker, and said, "He's gonna say 'magic hand,'" when he actually did just that.

For a minute, I was wondering if he'd heard me.
But is this more embarrassing than thinking George W. Bush installed solar panels on the White House?
Yes. By far.
Portland really represented…
Well, there are worse things. At least he won't grow up to have to be the editor at a third-rate weekly paper in a second-tier city.
A Beefheart fan just doesn't stand a chance with a puzzle like that. He said "Magic Band" twice -- obviously the "right" answer, but it just wouldn't take.
The pothead comment is mean, and really uncalled for. C'mon. Give the kid a break-- people choke all the time.
That "dope-huffing pothead stoner" (pretty redundant, I'm sure you could have come up with some other inaccurate superlatives to improve your Reed stereotype -although, in your defense, you're writing for the Mercury, so it's not like I should've expected any better) somehow managed to win about as much money as the average person makes in a year before making one stupid mistake. I'm sure you have the right to criticize, though, as only the most intelligent people spend their days writing blurbs about YouTube videos for a mediocre weekly's website.
Nope, I'm on WSH's side on this one -- that guy sucks.
He eventually got wand, I didn't hear a timer go off, seemed like it was within ten seconds... I'm not exactly clear on why he lost.
#8: you're way too mad about the thoughts of someone you're so clearly superior to.