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I have nothing to say about this, but when have I ever let that stop me?
Todd for CoTW!
Haha, Patrick Swayze... His Wikipedia entry has an entire paragraph under the heading "Cultural Impact." It begins by discussing how "Swayze's name has become a commonly used term in hip hop songs. Lyrics will use the phrase '...and I'm Swayze,' meaning that the speaker has become 'like a ghost', meaning he disappeared or is otherwise gone."
I understand what a ghost is, and I guess its sort of interesting that there are a bunch of raps that namecheck him because he was in Ghost, a film beloved by MCs everywhere. But what else is there? Unfortunately, that's all: the paragraph ends with that. Swayze's entire cultural impact is that there are a bunch of raps that namecheck him for Ghost. Shwayze, you so crazy.
Keanu Reeves makes Shatner look like Sir laurence olivier
Have fun Nerding out to this "profound" and "amazing" classic. I honestly thought you did this in jest. Please tell me I am not wrong