Mad Men Recap - Don Draper's Worst Day Ever


The observation around the house last night was that they seem to be bringing back all the people one thought were gone forever. So we assumed Sal will be the next to return. Two years pre-Stonewall, I must add, so who knows?
An amazing episode. One thing left unanswered: between Ginsberg's idea and Don's pitch, was it even necessary to resort to pimping? It was really a new low. You'd expect that kind of sleaze-baggery and moral brigandage from Pete, but the surprising silence of Roger and the complicity of Lane are somehow even more contemptible.
@Ovidius. A quick rewatch of the scene confirms it: Herb basically says it's a night with Joan or no deal. That Tony Soprano lookalike was a total turd.
@Jacob: I thought it was a little ambiguous. Dan states in the, err, meeting that there were three votes and they only needed two. Roger says later that the decision wasn't even close.
I'm really hoping that Peggy doesn't evaporate a la Sal now that she's leaving SCPD. I'm disappointed because she seems to be one of the few audience surrogate characters that actually works. Peggy often seems to be the only cast member in SCPD who would actually be at home in the present. She's the person with modern(ish) values in a sea of sexism.

I think that's a role that needs to be filled somehow on Mad Men, otherwise we're just looking at the interior of a crumbling system, and there's no view of daylight or the future or anything. Hopefully Megan or maybe even Ginsberg will be able to step into the role of kind-sorta modern person amid the old guys.
@5 i didn't expect in from Megan when her character was introduced, but she increasingly seems to be filling that role. I love her refusal to roll over and become Betty #2. (I'd put money on Betty checking out her vagina with a hand mirror one of these days, btw.)
The best thing about this week's episode: PEGGY IS LEAVING! HOORAY! We won't have to hear her incessant whining any more! And maybe Freddy's coming back. Freddy's one of the few non-assholes is the history of the show.

The worst thing: Mad Men pays out a bunch of money so that the Kinks' "You Really Got Me" plays over the closing credits, and then AMC cuts the audio to preview next week's show.
It's hard to picture the show without Peggy. Then again, Weiner and company (*snicker*) seemed to be spinning their wheels trying to find something to do with her all season long, so maybe it's not so hard to picture.

Does Cosgrove exit with her?

Joan's a realist, or trying to be. It's weird that suddenly so many people are shocked, SHOCKED at the lack of sexual purity among Mad Men characters. Some of these talented people people fuck *on their way* to the top; some of these talented people fuck *their way to* the top. Joan is among the latter, and she's not deluded about it. Even with her 5% share, it's difficult to see how she can get out of screwing that Jaguar executive from this point forward as a condition of keeping the account. All parties are now keenly aware of the prices paid in the exchange -- what's to stop them?

Best episode of the season.

In Don's slide toward career irrelevance over the past season or two, Peggy had in a lot of ways taken over as the main character on the show, so it'll be interesting to see how much the writers keep her in the future episodes, if at all.

@Alison: For as painfully awful of a character as Betty is, at least the relationship between Don and Betty was interesting and dramatic for us, the viewers. The Don-Megan relationship dynamic is comparatively boring, and there's never any depth or conflict between them that isn't resolved by the end of each episode. In this week's episode, there was potential for an interesting plot issue with her auditions and travel, and yet by the end, she's saying she'd support him no matter what, he's saying he doesn't want to stand in the way of her dreams, and any potential depth and exploration of their relationship never got beyond the nice bow wrapped up on the surface. Yawn.

But the Joan, Peggy, SDCP stuff this week was outstanding.