The Timbers' embarrassing 1-0 loss to an fifth-tier amateur team on Wednesday brought out their supporters' ire, both during the game (chants of "CARE LIKE WE DO" and "THIS IS BULLSHIT" rained from the North End) and immediately after (legendary capo "Pong" took players to task and demanded jerseys as the team exited the pitch).

"Our fans will never let us forget about this one," said keeper Troy Perkins, in a slightly hoarse voice post-match. "It's just one of those things where, now we have to earn their respect back."

Timbers Army OG Chris Cooper captures the pain of the fanbase in this starkly reflective, oddly beautiful rant (with some NSFW language) filmed during the final moments of a match that will go down in infamy. He invokes Prometheus, friendship and torment alike, then for a brief moment at 2:26—when the team almost scores—offers a glimpse of hope.