The hilarious MacGruber made about $13.43 at the box office, which is why there will never, ever be a sequel, but now Will Forte is going around saying he and Jorma Taccone are going to write one just for fun, which means there's a possibility it might get made, even if, as Forte notes, it isn't a very good one:

I guess the best way to put it is the probability of us writing a MacGruber 2 script in the next six months is 100 percent. The probability of somebody giving us money to make that script is somewhat less than 100 percent. (Via.)

Look. All I know is that MacGruber was about a million times funnier than anyone thought it would be, and it was also super violent, and it had an excellent theme song, and stop playing with my heart, Forte. Also, maybe Kristen Wigg can use some of that Bridesmaids cachet to help get MG2 off the ground? Just an idea. I know I'm grasping at straws. I do not care.

Also, I just decided that all I'm doing today is watching MacGruber clips. This one has swearing in it!