Not only do our friends in Washington get to throw wicked CostCo parking lot liquor parties, they get to vote as a state on same-sex marriage before we do.

The Washington legislature legalized same-sex marriage a few months ago, after Governor Chris Gregoire really sweetly came out about her change of heart on the issue. This morning, as expected, opponents of same-sex marriage filed 200,000 signatures to refer the law to the ballot. That means all same-sex marriages will be put on hold until November, when votes will have to decide whether to approve or reject the new law.

This anti-gay signature turn-in happens to occur on the same day that polls show Americans supporting same-sex marriage are now a majority.


Recent polling (pdf) on gay marriage in Washington shows that voters would support LGBT marriage rights by a margin of four percent. A negative campaign against the law, though, could eat into the support and shift the needle to the right. We'll see. Oh, we'll see.

You may remember that Oregon was hoping to be the first state to have its voters approve gay marriage, but disappointing poll results persuaded LGBT advocates' to campaign for same-sex marriage statewide potentially in 2014, instead.